S2 Season Recap

⭐⭐⭐ Server Opening Issues And Bugs Collection ⭐⭐⭐
Q. What should I do if there is a problem such as not being able to login or frequently disconnecting while the game is running?
A. If the above problems occur while the game is running, please wait patiently. We are always on hand to ensure the stability of the game and your good experience. You can receive official information on the Game's fan page or information from the In-game mailbox; once such an incident occurs, we will promptly notify you.

Q. What should I do if there is a bug in the game?
A. In the game, the Commander can press [Settings] - [Common] - [Customer Service], to report your bug to the Customer Service team and we will espond to your problems, we always listen to your issues and provide solution plan. Commanders can also provide feedback outside of the game by going to the official Community channels of the Game, comment your bug issue in the Community Bug Collection post, we will receive comments and feedback periodically, seriously monitoring each valuable opinion of the Commanders!

Q. Regarding the official version of [Metal Slug: Awakening], if I have more questions, where can I ask?
A: If the Commanders have other questions, please go to the Customer Service section for feedback and further questions. Thank you Commanders for watching and supporting [Metal Slug: Awakening].
⭐⭐⭐ Receive And Redeem Rewards ⭐⭐⭐
Q. I have participated in the CBT before, how do I get the refund for the top-up I have made in the test? And where should I get the refund?
A: When the character reaches level 8 and opens the Shop, the Commander can go to the main interface - [Shop] - Event [Refund] to receive test rewards!

Q: Is it possible to change another account to receive a refund or test bonus?
A. The current refund will be linked to the account you used when participating in the test and making the payment. Therefore, we do not recommend changing accounts for the refund claim.

Q: Can the deposit refund received from participating in the test be received on another platform?
A: It can be received in other devices, but you need to make sure you use the same account, and you should note that the refund can only be received once! You can see 2 more sections below for more details:
1. If the Commander uses a Google/Facebook account to login and recharge during the test, after the game launches, Commander needs to use the same Google/Facebook account as the one used in the test to link.
2. For Commanders in Vietnam market who used Zing account to log in and load during the test, after the game is released, iOS/Android users can use the same Zing account as the one in the test to receive refund bonus.

Q: Is the gift pack purchased refundable?
A: The money value paid for the gift packs purchased during the CBT period is included in the total refund, items in the in-game gift packs are only used for testing, not refundable.

Q. I took the Beta test at the end of June, how is the refund calculated?
A. The Commander needs to ensure that the account participating in the test and the official version to receive the Top-up Refund are the same account. The top-up expenditure during the Closed Beta Test will be calculated and refunded by the system according to the refund rule.

Q. Where can I redeem my gift code?
A: After the game is officially released, the Commander can choose from the following 2 methods:
① Enter the (Main City)  in the game - [Event] - [Code] to redeem related rewards.
② Go to Mainsite (Home Page) - [Event] - [Gift Code Redemption] to receive related rewards.
⭐⭐⭐ Your Account ⭐⭐⭐
Q. Can Commanders with different mobile operating systems play together?
A: Commanders just need to go to the same server clusters (such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau are the same cluster) to be able to experience together. Whether you log in with iOS, Android or Apple ID, Google, as long as you go to the same server cluster, you can explore together.

Q. Can Commanders who download games from different platforms play together?
A. Commanders just need to go to the same server clusters (such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau are the same cluster) to be able to experience together.

Q: Are Android devices and iOS devices related to each other?
A: Android accounts and iOS accounts are connected. The same account login in different device systems will be saved with the same character information! But one thing to note is, currently Metal Slug only has a Facebook account and a Zing account (Vietnam area) that can be logged in on different platforms. If Commanders want a cross-platform experience, please choose your login platform carefully.

Q. Is the number of servers on the first day of launch fixed?
A. On the first day of launch, we will base on the actual number of players to adjust the plan to open more servers, the Commander can choose the appropriate server based on your own needs. But it should be noted that, each server has a registration limit, first come first serve. If the server you want to choose is full, you can change to another server to join.

Q: What should I do when I log in and receive a notification that the server is full?
A: In order to ensure the best playing experience for the Commanders, we will control the number of people on each server, if the selected server says full, please choose another nominated server. Priority for early registration! Join [Metal Slug: Awakening] on August 22 for a new adventure!

Q. Can Commanders from other servers play cross-server with is?
A: The current Metal Slug: Awakening product has a lot of features for you to fight with friends, and there will be some features that can be played cross-server and conversely, some features can be played with players on the same Server only. Therefore, when you want to team up, please choose your Server carefully together!
⭐⭐⭐ Download And Install ⭐⭐⭐
Q: [Metal Slug: Awakening] When can we download? When do we open the server?
A: [Metal Slug: Awakening] will launch at 9:00 (GMT+7) on August 22nd, download now on Google Play & App Store!

Q: What are the requirements for device configuration to download and install [Metal Slug: Awakening]?
A: To ensure that Commanders have a better playing experience, Rumi has noted the recommended  and minimum configuration requirements, detailed as follows:
1) iOS configuration required
Recommended configuration: The device needs to be iPhone 6s or later and the system version needs to be OS10.0 or later.
2) Android configuration required
- Recommended configuration:
Hardware: Android 8.0 and above
Hardware: CPU Qualcomm 778G/MediaTek Dimensity 1000+/Kirin 990 or higher.
- Minimum configuration:
Hardware: Android 6.0 or higher
Hardware: CPU Qualcomm 439/MediaTek MT6765/Kirin 655 or higher.
- Memory and storage capacity:
① Android system needs to be equipped with 3GB or higher operating memory to ensure stable operation of the game.
② At the same time, the game package size is over 2GB, the download and installation process needs to complete decompression, this process requires at least 10GB of storage space.
③ After completing the installation decompression, the remaining space will be freed, so the Commander must make sure the device has enough storage space to complete the download.

Q: The previous CBT’s game package has not been deleted yet, now the game is officially released, can I use the previous version to enter the game?
A: This release is a brand new server and resource package, the previous server and test data are not connected to the official server this time! The CBT version will not be usable after the official launch, Commanders please delete the old pack and related data first and then go to the Google Play & App Store, the mainsite to download the latest version to experience.

Q: After opening the game, I can't enter the game, what should I do?
A: Commanders please check if the phone memory capacity is full, at least 10GB of storage is required, or check in the phone settings if network access is granted for the game, grant it related permissions are accessible.

Q. Failed to install/update the game/encounter lagging issue when downloading, what should I do?
A: Regarding the case that the game cannot be installed normally, Rumi has also prepared a solution:
1) Game installation failed, please check:
① Commanders, please check if your installation package is the official version on platforms this time (Google Play & App Store, the mainsite). If not, please download the correct version and install it; check if the phone memory has enough free space, if it's not enough, clean it to make room then restart the phone and install it again; 
If unzip error occurs, can delete the game pack, restart the phone, reload the correct resource pack and install.
2) Game update failed, stopped downloading midway, please check:
① See if the network connection is normal; If the normal network connection is still unable to log in, you can find the entrance to the Customer Service feature in the login interface, contact Customer Service for feedback.