Event Gunner Strikes Out is about to get hot!

The Gunner Strikes Out version is coming soon! We will have a downtime for this update on November 21, 2023 from 4:00 to 10:00 PM! After the update, you can download the latest game package from Google Play or the App Store. As compensation for this downtime, we prepared a small gift. Commanders can claim them after the update.
New Version Invitation x1
(redeemable for Sapphire x500 within the event)
Coins x38,888
Military Card III x50
The following content will be rolled out after this update:

[New Gameplay]

※ Season Settlement and Reward Redemption ※

1. Season Update: Settlement will be based on the Commander's performance in S1, settlement of Season Marks, Merit Leaderboard rewards, and Abyss Score value in Merit Badges. The Commander can log in to receive their S1 season settlement rewards.
2. Season Exchange: S1 Season Supply Station is open, Commanders can use their Merit Badges to exchange for items, including Rare Character fragments, Character Exclusive Gem Reward, Fallen Star Fragment and other rare items.

※ New Season Campaign ※

Commanders can visit the Season page to get a preview of what's new in the season!

※ New Team Boss※

A new boss: Judgement is coming to dominate the whole battlefield. Clear the new difficulty to get high-quality Cores and unlock more attributes.

※ Hot Pursuit Update ※

1. Hot Pursuit chapters 61~70 are now open, with new levels, new enemy soldiers, and escalating adventures.
2. New Crystal Style Enhancement Abilities have been added.
Commanders can kill enemy soldiers to pick up crystals, generate crystal bursts and launch crystal missiles. There are more powerful combinations for commanders to explore!
3. New weekly events in Hot Pursuit.
Crystals are linked to Bow weapons for a limited time. When you pick up crystals while carrying a Bow weapon, your team's attack power will be increased.

[New Events]

※New Weapon: Bow Giveaway ※

Start time: November 21st 5:00-December 1st 4:59
Log in every day to get the items for the new Bow weapon, and complete the tasks to get exchange items and the weapon experience cards~ Complete the tasks together to get the brand new weapon!

※ Grand Treasure Hunt ※

A treasure map has mysteriously appeared in the world of Metal Slug. Commanders can follow the map's instructions, complete tasks, and obtain items and treasure clues.
Additionally, you can also go to the exchange store to exchange Vortex HMG fragments, Diamonds, Pickaxes, Sonic Alpaca fragments and other growth resources to help commanders enhance their strength.

[New Resources]

※ Sapphire Distribution ※

Opening time: November 19th

Opening time: November 21st and November 24th.
Rules: For only $0.99, get a chance to win Alloy Pickaxe x88, or at least Sapphire x60.

※ Receive 1121 Sapphires ※

If the Commander has already purchased the Version Update $4.99 Limited Fund on November 17th, log in to the game on November 21st to receive Sapphire x1121!

※ Saya Trial *

Opening date: November 21st
Rules: The new Character Trial will be opened on the day of the update, and commanders can try out Saya's Shark Turret in advance! Get shield buffs and pierce enemy defenses!
After participating in the trial, you can also receive Character extraction cards and Character tokens. Don't forget to join~