Event Lucky Draw Vehicle: Powerball Drive

Hello, Commanders!
The brand-new vehicle, Powerball Drive, is ready to roll out! I see how much you all have been looking forward to it. Now, where does its inspiration come from? And what powerful skills and combat specialties does it have? Follow Rumi and let's find out together!
1. Design Concept Unveiled
2. Combat Ability Boost!
3. Rare Vehicle Limited Buff in the Abyssal Rift
You may not believe that this adorable vehicle does have a prototype in real life. Now, let me reveal the original concept of Powerball Drive!

Source of Inspiration

The cute Powerball Drive is inspired by the spherical tanks made by the Soviet Union during World War II. While it differs from conventional tanks, we made the combination of its shape and skills more of highlights and ideas. While designing it, we tried as much as possible to replicate the vehicle from the original Metal Slug.

Color Scheme

As a Regular Army vehicle crafted by the Vehicle Merchant André, the Powerball Drive follows the color scheme of the Regular Army with blue as the main color, complemented by a touch of yellow to enhance the visual contrast, making the overall image more bright and lively!

Color Scheme

In line with its spherical appearance, its skills have also integrated rolling, collision, and other attack methods to increase its aggressiveness and damage momentum, while maintaining the aesthetic of the overall shape. Multiple second-stage changes have been designed, such as the spikes extending from the side holes, or the unfolding of electrodes on both sides to release electromagnetic attacks.

Anthropomorphic Elements

At the same time, in order to further impress the players, certain anthropomorphic elements have been incorporated into the design. For example, the two big lights on the front can open and close the lampshades to display a variety of expressions, and the gun muzzles on both sides have also been made like mechanical arms. It will surely become your true and reliable pal on the battlefield!

Combat Ability Boost!

With the best appearance, its combat ability won't fall behind! The Powerball Drive has seen a great upgrade in both its skills and combat specialties, boosting your overall combat ability!

Shield Piercing Ability Boost

In the Joint Operations, the Powerball Drive can use its high-strength armor to quickly break the defense of enemies with crystals and Crystal Shields through collision, making it easier for your team to deal damage.

Attribute Inheritance Rate Increases

Also, compared to other vehicles, the Powerball Drive has a higher Attribute Inheritance Rate on the Vehicle Platform.

Vehicle Skills

Powered Charge: Transforms into a ball and bounces to attack enemy units, dealing damage. Gains energy on hit.
Bouncy Cyclone: Activate the Storm Device and attack all surrounding enemy units, dealing damage 4 times, inflicting slow and knock-up effect. Gains energy for each hit.
Earthshaking Hammer: After using this skill, the next strike delivered airborne turns into a powerful energy slam, dealing damage and knocking up the targets. Gains energy on hit.
Rampage State: When the energy is full, using Earthshaking Hammer enters the Rampage Bounce state, where each attack consumes energy and continuously smashes the ground.
Ultimate Limited: Increases the RoF of allies on the same front line. Each ground smash triggered has a certain chance to emit energy waves on both sides and deal damage.

Rare Vehicle Limited Buff in the Abyssal Rift

Besides its basic skills and combat specialties, the Powerball Drive also brings limited buffs to the Abyssal Rift.
  1. When a Rare Vehicle is stationed in your territory, the occupied territory connected to the vehicle will increase the yield of Rift Crystals. Stationed Powerball Drive increases the drop rate of Rift Gems for all territories. The higher the vehicle rank, the higher the yield increases.

  2. When stationed near the Abyssal Rift bosses and strongpoints, it increases ATK of all Club members against the boss!
With these limited buffs, your journey through the Abyssal Rift will surely be much smoother!
Alright, that's all for the revealing of the Powerball Drive! Now, which game modes do you think the Powerball Drive is more suitable for? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!