Event New Character Saya Advanced Tutorial

Hello, Commanders! You've already met the new Spec-Ops Character, Saya, AKA the Wasteland Megalodon. She has just arrived on our continent, and it may take a while for you to get to know her. In order to speed up the pace, here's a comprehensive tutorial on Saya about both combination and combat!
  1. Basic Analysis
  2. Lineup
  3. Recommended Cores
  4. Combat Tips

Basic Analysis

To master a Character, it's crucial to study their skills, passives, and attributes. This is also the first step in understanding the new Character. Now, what's unique about our Spec-Ops Character Saya?
You can call Saya an all-around Character: a shark girl who combines firepower and support in one, both progressive and defensive. Saya's diversity in attributes also makes her become the perfect glue in a lineup.
As long as Saya is deployed, the Weapon DMG of the entire team against Debuffed enemy units is increased by the number of Debuffs present. With Debuff Buster activated, the Weapon DMG against Debuffed units will further increase; the more Debuffs they have, the more DMG they take.
In addition, with WEAK Breaker activated, Saya boosts the entire team's PEN for any Debuff she inflicts on enemy units. Once her Ultimate Skill energy is full, she can summon the Shark Battleship, which not only bombards enemies but also increases the team's ATK. With Large Battleship activated, the Shark Battleship further enhances the CRIT DMG of all team members and summons. Saya's diverse attributes provide her with a multitude of possibilities, truly making her a versatile Character.


You sure have had a comprehensive understanding of Saya's specialties through the above analysis. Now, which lineup is the best fit for her? Let's delve into several of the ideal lineups that complement Saya.
The Summon lineup immediately comes to mind after analyzing Saya's skills and attributes. Saya's a perfect match here, given that both of her skills involve summons and the Shark Battleship's CRIT DMG Bonus for team members and summons. No matter how the Summon lineup changes, Saya can be an indispensable part of the team. As for the other two members: Kukik and Lyla, naturally. Kukik's Falcon provides consistent DMG, and Lyla's Puffer bombardment offers burst DPS. That, plus Saya's Shark Battleship can be a relentless barrage of attacks. Together, they make for a formidable trio!
Saya also has great synergy with Scarlett due to one of her talents, WEAK Breaker, which increases the team's PEN for any Debuff she inflicts, thereby boosting the additional bullet DMG from Scarlett's enhanced Return for Serves. Moreover, Scarlett's talent, Victory Pursuit, also increases Weapon DMG after attacking Debuffed units. Now, that can be stacked with Saya's passive and Debuff Buster for maximum Weapon DMG.
Even Trevor, who relies on air slashes and shotgun bursts, can significantly benefit from Saya's boost. With Large Battleship activated, the Shark Battleship boosts the CRIT DMG for all team members and summons; that, plus the PEN boost from WEAK Breaker perfectly complements Trevor's Armor Break Slash that reduces enemy DEF. Break their armor and wipe them out in an instant. How cool is that??!

Recommended Cores

Now, let's talk about Core combinations for Saya.
When it comes to Weapons, Saya has various options, generally filling in what the team lacks. For instance, in a Summon lineup with Lyla and Kukik, if Lyla is using a Gatling for WEAK and Kukik, a Bow for IGNITE, Saya would be ideal with a Bazooka for WOUND.
As for Cores, the main DPS Character Lyla needs the Thunder Aircraft Carrier and Hairbuster Riberts for the Summons DMG Bonus. For support Cores, given that Kukik is in the team, the Joint Operation 2 is a must-have; the other Core of Kukik can either be Steel Worm Destroyer that boosts ATK or Fallwalker Core that provides Debuff DMG Bonus. In addition, also consider the Joint Operation 1 with its Weapon Shot DMG increase.

Combat Tips

You must have been inspired by the recommended Cores. Now, let's delve into some combat strategies that will help you maximize Saya's potential.
Saya truly shines in various modes, particularly in Hot Pursuit, where the AoE DMG of her skill 1 resembles the Black Hole ability, proving to be highly effective in dealing with hordes of mobs.
In Endless Trial, the synergy between Saya and the role of Frontline Command is evident: significant Summon DMG Boost plus Summon affixes make it easier to clear stages and progress further.
When it comes to Prime Showdown, the potential for strategic gameplay with Saya is abundant. Start by summoning the Shark Battleship, then switch to Lyla to detonate her Puffers, making area control a breeze! It is without a doubt that Saya will become a popular pick in Prime Showdown.
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That's all for Saya's exclusive strategies!
Do you have any insights or preferred combinations for Saya that you would like to share? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!