Event New Game Mode: Extreme Championship - Island Party

Extreme Championship mode is back with a new scene: Island!

The much-awaited Extreme Championship mode is making a limited-time return. Let's dive into the Island theme stage together!

Extreme Championship × Island Scenes
Taking on the Extreme Championship × Island stages, you'll enjoy the thrill of battle while soaking up the unique island landscapes!

Available Time:

Week 1: April 1 - April 7

Week 2: April 8 - April 14

In the Extreme Championship, arm yourself with Laser Guns and Saw Launchers to face the island challenges. While aiming for a one-life clear and sprinting up the rankings, don't forget to visit various landmark buildings and uncover easter eggs on the map.
(Details are subject to in-game adjustments)

From the moment you step into the stage, you'll be welcomed by a faintly salty sea breezethat refreshes the soul.
When you finally breach through to the boss stage, you can admire Boundary Island and engage in a thrilling battle against the boss amidst beautiful scenery.

All in all, in the new Island-themed Extreme Championship, not only can you choose different styles to enhance your strength, face off against formidable bosses, and aim for a one-life-clear, but you can also immerse yourself in the island vibe and enjoy breathtaking views while in the heat of battle! Don't miss out on experiencing it for yourself!