Event S3 warzone rebuilding has been updated, and Club Interconnectivity will kick off soon!


S2 has come to an end, while S3 will witness warzone rebuilding and Club Interconnectivity function! Commanders will then be able to join the Clubs across servers and fight side by side with more comrades! Rumi's Secret Notice: After warzone rebuilding, the rewards of major S3 game modes will be greatly improved compared to those in S2! Adequate benefits and supplies are waiting for you!

Club Interconnectivity Rules Preview: Find Your Battle Partners!

Since the opening of the Warzone system, commanders have been competing with players from certain servers for higher Club rankings. When S3 begins, Warzone will open up the Club Interconnectivity function, where commanders can play cross-region/cross-warzone common matching system or join other Clubs.

For example:


There are four regions in Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore – Malaysia – Philippines – Indonesia

Vietnam and Thailand are now regarded as one large region, and Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indo, Taiwan are considered as another. Interconnected regions can be matched together for matchmaking in Joint Operation and Prime Showdown.


- VN & TH can match together for matchmaking in Joint Operation and Prime Showdown.

- TW, HK, SG, MY, PH, ID can match together for matchmaking in Joint Operation and Prime Showdown.


For example, Thailand Server 1 and 10 will be interconnected after the S3 update. These two services can make cross-service matchmaking in each other's Clubs, which is limited to the Club Interconnectivity. The account data still remain in the original server, so the Hot Pursuit Leaderboard and Ultimate Arena Leaderboard will not be affected in any way.

Warzone Joint Area

The Warzone is divided into two Joint Areas For example, Thailand Server 1-10 belong to one warzone, among which 1-5 are considered as one Joint Area while 6-10 are regarded as the other.

You can add Clubs and friends within a Joint Area.

After warzone rebuilding, rewards will be greatly improved!

After warzone rebuilding, rewards will be greatly improved! The number of rewards and the players covered will be increased for the following play modes!

Rumi's Beneficial Tips: For example, after warzone rebuilding, in the Frenzy Showdown - Peak of Glory, S3 commanders will get the same Ranking Rewards as the one ranking slot reward in S2.

(Details are subject to in-game adjustments)

(Before Warzone Rebuilding) - Example of S2 Rewards

(After Warzone Rebuilding) - Example of S3 Rewards

The following Warzone play modes rewards will be increased!

1. Ranking Rewards for Joint Operation: Abyss Mode

2. Ranking Rewards for Abyssal Rift - Crystal Mining

3. Ranking Rewards for Frenzy Showdown - All-Out Brawl

4. Ranking Rewards for Frenzy Showdown - Sky Tournament

5. Ranking Rewards for Frenzy Showdown - Peak of Glory

6. Ranking Rewards for Abyssal Cruise

Warzone Rebuilding Rules Analysis: Preparation for S3 Combat!

Not only that, after the opening of S3, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted in accordance with the Server Launch time, the server's comprehensive activeness, as well as the overall strength of the players and other factors, so that the warzones that have similar Server Launch time can have similar comprehensive strength, thus players can have a more enjoyable game experience!

If a warzone has A, B, C and D, totaling four servers, where A and B are interconnected and C and D are interconnected, the comprehensive strength of A+B will be similar to that of C+D.

Afterwards, according to the server activeness, the server with fewer players is matched to the server with more players in a warzone, so the number of interconnected servers will also be increased. For instance, a warzone consists of A, B, C, D, E, F, a total of six servers. If the number of players in the region server is relatively small, then it is possible that A, B and C are interconnected, while D, E and F are interconnected.

Tips From Rumi: For each season, warzone relations will be rebuilt for matchmaking, but servers that are already interconnected will not be split up after that!

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That's all for the reveal today!

S3 is approaching! Commanders can contact their favorite Clubs in advance to quickly prepare for S3! If you have any questions about this article, please tell me by leaving a message in the comments!