News Character Exposed: Armer’s Law Enforcer - The creative concept of the new character Ilum is revealed!

Hello, commanders! In the battle between good and evil, Ilum, a mysterious boy from Armer who executes justice in his heart, is about to start a new adventure with you in the Alloy Continent!

As a mysterious character in the new version of Metal Slug: Awakening, what are the special features of Ilum and what kind of past experience has he had? In this issue of Little Rumi, we invited the art master "Asha" and the planning master "Rui" to share the creation story of Ilum with the commanders~

[Ilum Character Profile]

[R&D and creative concept exposure]

Q1: What materials did you refer to when designing this character?
Art (Asha) answered: When we first wanted to design this character, we looked for a lot of reference models. The purpose was to make him a more interesting character. At the same time, we also wanted to differentiate him from existing characters and give him personalized characteristics. After thinking about it again and again, we thought he was very suitable for the academic style. So in terms of clothing styles, we looked for a lot of European aristocratic royal clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries as reference.

Planner (Rui) answered: The initial inspiration came from the S3 Sky Season. As the protagonist group progressed, the hostile forces were not only pure radicals, but more and more people gradually tended to reformism. They gained benefits from the rule of the old kingdom, but they could foresee the crisis in front of them. It was because I thought of this group of people with such contradictory psychology that I opened my mind. I imagined Ilum to have a distinguished background, but he was persecuted when he was young. He was full of hatred and tried to save the kingdom in his own way. He not only has the ability to balance the two forces, but also can inject them into the device and use them flexibly. At the same time, the character of Ilum is a character that combines hypocrisy and wisdom, feudalism and innovation, calmness and madness, and has a unique charm.

Q2: What is special about Ilum compared to previous characters?
Art (Asha) answered: Because the academic style was established when designing the image, and Ilum likes reading, so he always holds a book, wears a pair of single-sided glasses, and puts one hand behind his back, making him look more like a scholar. There is also a mask designed by himself hanging around his waist, because Ilum is a mask designer, and the mask is also used to cover up some special emotions when he is enforcing the law.

Planner (Rui) replied: Compared with previous characters, Ilum’s special feature is that he can increase the charging speed of friendly finishing skills and speed up the skill cycle of all characters in the team. It can provide a considerable amplification effect for characters who rely on finishing skills to burst.
At the same time, Ilum can also switch the auxiliary device form through active skills, switch different permanent gain effects for teammates, and calmly deal with different combat environments.

Q3: What is the background story of this character?
Art (Asha) answered: Ilum is the first genius to master the complete code in a thousand years, but he is only sixteen years old. Although he is the chief law enforcement officer of the High Court, he is an illegitimate child who is not recognized by his family. The only light in the darkness, the closest relative who guided him in reading and thinking, lost his life because of the big lie of  "Project Divine Revelation".

That is why Ilum hated Armer, an old, ignorant, and absurd country. On the day of the celebration when everyone cheered, in the corner of the palace where the glory could not reach, the young man had already planted the seeds of destruction in his heart. He would stop the construction of the Tower of Ascendancy at all costs and shatter the dream of the Armer people's revival.

From the youngest student in the law school to the law enforcement officer who was admitted by special admission, smart people know how to gain glory, prestige and love. But compared with the knowledgeable law enforcement officer, Earl Ilum, who is good at designing ball masks, is more popular. After all, masks are the most fashionable item for aristocratic social activities.

But Ilum's most perfect mask is his smile and the eyes hidden behind the smile. The eyes hidden behind the smile coldly watch the decaying Armer splinter and fall.

Q4: What were the main challenges you encountered during the creative process? How did you solve them?

The artist (Asha) replied: The difficulty of Ilum is whether the identity of an academic boy can be recognized by our alloy players, and whether the fighting sense of this character is strong enough.

In order to solve this problem, our approach is to have this usually friendly and studious boy, when he enters combat form, reveal his hands behind his back and use a mechanical device to control the floating cannon to attack and enforce the law.

Planner (Rui) answered: The difficulty lies in providing a differentiated experience while reducing the frequency of player operations. Because players need to constantly switch roles and use skills during battles, which brings a certain amount of operational burden, we designed Ilum's small skills as switches to switch states, so that in most cases, you don't need to deliberately operate them. You only need to bring them into the game to provide buffs for the characters on the field, allowing players to focus more on controlling firepower characters to fight.

Q5: What is the most satisfying thing about this character?

The artist (Asha) replied: Ilum is the first character in Alloy with a youthful feel. He has a novel design and a strong sense of combat. I personally think that his most distinctive feature is the feeling of a young academic. Of course, we also hope that commanders will like this character.

[Interactive Time]

This interview ends here~ Thank you very much for your cooperation! The new character-Ilum is coming soon! After understanding his creative concept, I believe everyone will like this boy! If you have any questions about this character, you can leave a message in the comment area~