News New Character Revealed | Brand-new special warfare Character Ilum is revealed.


New Character Revealed | Brand-new special warfare Character Ilum is revealed, "Chief Magistrate of the High Court" Ilum is about to go online, get ready for his judgment~

Hello, commanders! The new special warfare character Ilum is about to be launched. Come and experience his power in the Alloy Continent with Rumi ~

[ Skill Introduction ]

Quality: Rare
Attribute: Spec-Ops
Online time: Character special will be available on July 9.

First skill: "Enforcer Guard": When Ilum goes into battle, he will summon a floating enforcement guard, which will continue to follow the characters on the field, and each time he releases a skill, the enforcement guard will switch between [Sky Form] and [Earth Form].

Sky Form generates energy shocks that stun surrounding enemies and provide bonus attack damage.

The Earth Form will generate earth crystals to attack the target and provide a defense bonus.

Finishing move "Supreme Judgment": Ilum releases all the power of the Law Enforcer Guard, causing damage and knockback effects to the surrounding area. At the same time, all characters in the team gain the "Power of Judgement", increasing damage and improving the efficiency of finishing skill recovery.

When Ilum is in the team, the recovery efficiency of the finishing skills of all the team's characters is improved, and the higher the defense attribute is, the longer the duration of " Power of Judgement" will be.

Talent 1 "Power of Interlancing" reduces the cooldown time of "Enforcer Guard" and adds attribute bonuses to the two forms based on the changes in health points.
Talent 2 "Energy Rule" Ilum fills up his own finishing move charge before the battle begins, and the characters on the same team gain a certain amount of additional finishing move charge.
Talent 3 "Final Judgement" When Ilum is in the team, the damage of the entire team is increased and the skill cooldown is reduced.

Recommended attributes:

"Talent - Power of Interlancing": The higher Ilum's critical strike rate is, the shorter the cooldown time of "Enforcer Guard" is.
"Talent - Final Judgement": The higher Ilum's countless defensive attributes are, the longer the duration of "Power of Judgement " will be.