1.                  Introduction

1.1              METAL SLUG: AWAKENING means the official name of the Philippines Version of this Online game METAL SLUG: AWAKENING by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) CO., LTD is provided by VNG Singapore (“VNG”).

1.2              Before using this Product, you shall to read, understand and agree with this Terms of Use (including age requirements) and Privacy Policy, especially the exemption clauses or limited responsibilities of VNG, terms limiting Your rights as well as other specific terms.

1.3              In case you do not agree with any terms, provisions in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please do not use METAL SLUG: AWAKENING and immediately close, uninstall this Product completely out of your device.

1.4              Where you take part in, use METAL SLUG: AWAKENING, means that You completely agree with all the terms, provisions of this Terms of Use as well as other terms and Privacy Policy, with all of the amendments from time to time.

2.                  Definitions

In this Terms of Use, bold words, phrases are defined hereinafter except the context may otherwise require:

2.1              “Online Game” or “Product”: means the internet game METAL SLUG: AWAKENING.

2.2              “The Online Game Homepage Website”: means https://metalslug.vnggames.com/ph/at

2.3              “Game Rules”: means terms, provisions in this Terms of Use and/ or other announcements, news in Game informed by VNG in Game and/or on the Game Homepage Website.

2.4              “Data”: means all the content/ information that is created/ incurred in the progress when You take part in, use Game and the server acknowledge your progress.

2.5              “Personal Information”: means the information that identify an individual as provided in Section 4 of this Term of Use.

3.                  Account and Login

To play the Game, You shall need to have an account to login into this Game. Registration and login into the Game could perform with all the section below:

3.1              Using  ZingID  account. In this case, You shall need a Zing ID account; besides the compliance of this Term of Use, You need to comply with this ZingID Terms of Use : https://id.zing.vn/v2/policy#p3.

3.2              Using Zalo account or affiliated with account (Google, Facebook) (referred as “Linked Account”). From time to time, Game can allow you to use the Linked Account to login but You have to comply with this Term of Use, and Zalo’s Term of Use or the provider where you register Your Linked Account. At the same time, you have to pledge to show your responsibility with all of the Term of Using Linked Account to login to Game. 

3.3              Using “Play Now” feature of the Product at the first login. In this case, Your Game account will associate with the device that You are using to login to the Game. You are responsible to indentify your account by declaring all the information that the Game require. 

3.4              To warrant Your rights and legitimate advantages, VNG recommend that You should login by ZingID account or other Account. VNG shall not receive and support your complaints, where You can not provide sufficient information to prove that You are the account owner.

4.                  Collecting and Protecting Customer Information 

4.1              When You create an account to use Product,  you may need to provide all necessary information as below: 

(a)          Full name;

(b)          Date of birth;

(c)           Address of permanent residence;

(d)          Identity or passport number, date of issue and place of issue;

(e)          Phone number, email address (if any).

4.2              In case of failure to provide or provide inaccurate or incomplete the above information, VNG reserves the right to (i) refuse to provide services to You; (ii) cease to provide Game services to You, or restrict or prohibit the use of some or all features of the account, delete accounts and in-Game Data, delete any related information, lock account game; and/or (iii) refuse to receive, resolve Your claims regarding the Game and/or Your account in the Game.

4.3              VNG will take necessary measures to keep your Personal Information and Data Confidential; However, in some necessary cases, as required by law or at the request of a competent State agency or Court, VNG will provide Your Personal Information to the Authorities aforementioned.

4.4              You understand and agree that VNG and/or the third party cooperating with VNG may rely on the information provided by You to send You advertising information and information about the Game activities via forms such as messages, telephone, electronic message (email) ... or any other form that you can receive information; in this case, the third party cooperating with VNG (if any) is also obligated to keep Your Personal Information as confidential as VNG. 

4.5              You understand and agree that, in order to avoid loss, interference in an unwanted account (such as being hacked), You will not disclose (whether accidentally or intentionally) information about Your account, password in the Game to any third party, including Your relatives; at the same time, take reasonable measures to secure Your account. In any case, if you notice or suspect that your account is logged against Your will, You may (i) immediately change your password and/or (ii) notify VNG and carry out the necessary procedures to temporarily lock your account to minimize loss to You in accordance with VNG's process customer complaint support.

4.6              You understand and agree that, in order to enhance the security and safety of the service, VNG reserves the right to apply one or several technical measures and/or software, applications to or inside the Game; However, the application of the above measures is not a guarantee that Your account will not be lost, hacked and VNG is completely exempted from such cases. 

4.7              You understand and agree that, in order to improve the efficiency of system resource usage, in case you do not log in, use the Game account within six (6) months from the last login, VNG reserves the right (but has no obligation) to delete to Your Account in the Game associated with all Your Data.

4.8              In order to VNG serve You, You hereby agree, irrevocably permitting that VNG reserves the right through the Game to collect information about the device and/or applications on Your device, including the delivery of software, applications to Your device to collect some technical information contained in Your device. VNG shall keep all information confidential in accordance with VNG's Privacy Policy. 

5.                  Game Services

5.1              Once You have agreed and complied with the relevant laws and Game Rules, VNG grants You a non-exclusive right to use the Game's services and features for personal use, non transferable and uncommercialized. 

5.2              In addition to use Game granted to You as Article 5.1, VNG retains all intellectual property rights to trademarks, Product source code, images, features, music, ... in Game together with other rights with respect to the Game and You shall not take any action other than those mentioned in Clause 5.1, Article 5 without VNG's prior written consent. 

5.3              You understand and agree that:

(a)          During the operation and provide of the Product, in order to best serve customers, VNG reserves the right to update, add, change, delete, remove one or several features, interfaces and functions of Game without prior notice to You. Where You continue to use Game is deemed Your acceptance of all changes to Game; If You do not agree, You need to immediately stop using Game, do not log back into Game and completely remove Game from Your device, in which case VNG shall have no liability to Your account and Data in Game. 

(b)          To ensure the speed, Your experience in Game, VNG reserves the right to periodically or at any time reasonably carry out the deletion of old Data stored on Game server. 

(c)           VNG will apply the necessary technical measures to assist You in obtaining the best experience when using the Products; However, in certain unintended circumstances, Game may (i) be interrupted in providing, (ii) faulty (bug), (iii) lose or duplicate some information and features. of Game and/or Your account, in this case, VNG will take all necessary measures (to the extent permissible) within a reasonable time to remedy and You agree to waive VNG from all liabilities related responsibilities. 

(d)          All technical information, features, formulas, and technical solutions of the Game are confidential; Therefore, VNG has no obligation to provide You any of the above information in any form. 

(e)          In order to provide Game services to You at its best and continuously improve, VNG reserves the right to adjust, update or optimize such as setting relevant values and/or features of virtual units, virtual items, reward points in the Game that You have or are using without your prior notice or consent and You will not inquire any liability of VNG.

(f)           Game provided to You for entertainment purposes only with Your (for entertainment) experiences in the Game; comply with the relevant laws, all virtual items, virtual units, bonus points and Points in the Game are not property, are not redeemable for cash, payment cards, coupons or items of value traded outside of the Game; therefore, where Your Game account is deleted and/or the Game is completely suspended or discontinued (for any reason), all virtual units, virtual items, rewards, Points The above will no longer be valid and will be deleted after completing the procedures as prescribed by law (if any) and VNG has no obligation to refund, compensate any cash or artifacts and metal for You; However, VNG will endeavor to notify You within a reasonable time and with a plan to ensure Your rights in accordance with the law. 

(g)          In-game promotions, events will only be officially announced on the Game Home Page and/or system-based within the Game; Therefore, for advertising information, promotions, offers that do not originate from the aforementioned sources, it is possible to deceive and arrogate your account, in which VNG does not have any responsibility for You in this case. 

(h)          VNG will only accept payments via VNG's payment channel or VNG's business partner payment channel which is introduced, published in the Game and/or on the Game Home Page; In case You use other payment channels, VNG will not have any responsibility to You. However, in any case after You make a successful payment, VNG has recorded the corresponding number of units converted into Your account in the Game but then has been paid by the payment service provider, payment intermediaries require refunds (due to request, claims from cardholders), VNG is required to make this refund request in accordance with the relevant regulations and will deduct it accordingly to Your account, and other benefits You get from that payment if such deduction is not sufficient because of You, VNG reserves the right to deduct on subsequent times and/or withdraw virtual items that You use the redemption unit to get. In addition, in certain cases, depending on the level of the violation, You may be permanently banned out of this account. 

6.                  Behavioral Violation And Remedies

6.1              Apart from compliance with Game Rules, you shall not conduct any behaviors hereinafter:

(a)          Taking advantage of using Game to:

(i)            Cause harm to national security, social order; undermine the great national unity block; propagandize war, terrorism; cause feud, conflict among nations, ethnic groups, religions;

(ii)           Propagandize, promote violation, lust, depravity, crime, social evils, superstition, sabotage the national fine traditions and customs;

(iii)          Disclose state, military, security, economic, foreign and other secrets prescribed by Law;

(iv)          Give misrepresentation, slander and insult the reputation of organization, honor and dignity of individual;

(v)           Advertise, propagandize, trade in Game, especially prohibited goods, services; propagate prohibited works, literature, art and publications

(vi)          Forge organizations, individual and distribute false and untruthful information infringing legal rights and obligations of organizations and individual.

(b)          Conducting behavioral violation to intellectual property rights of VNG and Developer with respect to Product hereinafter:

(i)            Deleting information related to copyright, intellectual property rights in Product;

(ii)           Modifying, reversing, editing Product’s code or using other means to detect the Product’s source code; 

(iii)          Scanning, checking, examining to explore or find mistakes (bug) or existing weaknesses of Product for nefarious purposes;

(iv)          Copying, modifying, adding, removing, altering features or effective operation of Product with respect to data generated and stored at any periods during the operation of Product or data interacting of server (server) and client and essential data systems to operate Product, including but not limited to plug-in, auto or other relevant systems connecting with equipment of third party without the prior permission, agreement of VNG in writing;

(v)           Using, renting, borrowing, copying, modifying, linking, shifting, editing, publishing or creating website, microsite, with respect to intellectual property content owed or used exclusively, distributed, published by VNG;

(vi)          Creating websites, microsite related to Product or being similar or completely similar to Product.

(c)           Relating to the operation and use Game:

(i)            Unauthorized use of another player’s account, password.

(ii)           Purchasing, exchanging virtual units, items, rewarding points in Game or Game’s account among players by money, in kind or cash. 

(iii)          Disrupting the fairness in Game by (I) taking advantage of – without unintentionally or intentionally – mistake(s) in Game, deficiencies in the script, design of Game in order to fraud or any conducts violating Game Rules; (ii) using software, apps and/or the third equipment to interfere into Game and/or server system of Game and/or (iii) any conducts in order to gain more significant advantage than other players that is opposite to Game Rules.

(iv)          Speculating, profiting and/or using virtual units, items in Game that is opposite to Game Rules.

(v)           In some way or using another ones to cheat, not comply Game Rule in order to gain illicit profit.

(vi)          Discussing or expressing political, religious, ethnic opinions in Game.

(vii)         Being profanity, swearing and/or any conducts, sayings violating to the honor, prestige, dignity of any organizations, individual, whether in Game or outside Game.

(viii)        Conducting seducing, inducing, promising acts with other players to fraud.

(ix)          Impersonating or intentionally making other people think wrongly that You are another player and/or person (other than You) in Game.

(x)           Impersonating or intentionally making other people think You are staff, employee or collaborator of VNG.

(xi)          Having any conducts, sayings, behaviors or attitudes damaging the prestige, brand of Game and/or VNG.

(xii)         Conducting acts disturbing, disordering at the headquarter or any branches, representative offices, business locations that VNG and/or affiliated units with VNG.

(xiii)        Having any sayings, behaviors or acts violating body, prestige, honor, dignity or threating to staffs, employees (regardless of whether they are temporary employees, collaborators or official staffs) of VNG. 

(xiv)        Other acts (i) violating law; (ii) are opposite to normal behavior rules of community of the online video game user and/or online entertainment industry.

6.2              For behaviors violating Game Rules, VNG is entitled to resolve that acts according to one or many methods by itself and/or by systems, features of Game; according to levels:

(a)          Reminder: Applying to the first-time violation causing with little effect on Game and/or other players. 

(b)          Warning: Applying to violations that have been warned but have not been remedied and/or violated OR violating rules at subsections (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (x), (xi) point (c), clause 6.1 Article 6 of this Terms of Use.

(c)           Deduction and/or deletion virtual units, items in game: Applying to behaviors that have been warned without remedying and/or violating AND/OR violating rules at subsections (iii), (iv), (v) point (c), clause 6.1 Article 6 of this Terms of Use.

(d)          Locking account for a definite term (specific term depending on behaviors, severity of the violation): applying to behaviors that have been Warned AND/OR handled pursuant to point (c) article 6.2 this Article without remedying and/or violating OR violating rules at subsections (xii), (xiii) point (c) clause 6.1 Article 6 of this Terms of Use.

(e)          Permanent account closure: Applying to behaviors that have been warned according to point (d) clause 6.2 this Article without remedying and/or violating OR violating rules at point (a), (b), subsection (i), (ii), (xiv) point (c), clause 6.1 Article 6 of this Terms of Use.

(f)           Transferring the application to the authorized State body for handling of a violation or criminal prosecution: Applicable to all violations when criminal signs occur.

In spite of above terms, in some specific case, VNG has rights to apply additional remedies or apply all the remedies to deterrence and/ or keep the Game environment effective, fair. 

6.3              If VNG detect and/or receive any complaints, report about your violation and/or account in your Game, according to your behavior and your violation level of Game Rule that VNG has full rights to handle via the Game rule ; Meanwhile, VNG has rights ( but does not have any obligations ) to announce your account name, measures on the Homepage of the game, announce in game for other players and/or others media that VNG can continue or communicate with other players of the Game. 

7.                  Resolution of Complaints, Accusation Related to the Game

7.1              Any complaint, accusation or reflection related to the Game will only be received and responded to by VNG via Online Customer Care (i) in the Game or (ii) at: https://support.vnggames.com/ or (iii) hotline number 1900561558 and follow the VNG Customer Care and Feedback Process at the time of receiving the complaint.

7.2              In order to make a complaint, accusation or reflection related to the Game, your account needs to be an account that has been fully identified for VNG to have a facility to receive and contact with You. In case Your account has not been fully identified or VNG has a reasonable basis to believe that the information provided by you is incorrect, VNG has the right to refuse to settle Your complaints and denunciations until You provide complete and accurate information.

7.3              You agree that VNG's response to Your complaints, denunciations through Online Customer Care is VNG's final and official decision.

8.                  Intellectual Property Rights

8.1              All Games and related materials are the intellectual property of VNG and the Developer of the Game, so when VNG grants You permission to use the Game services as stated in Article 5.1, You understand that You only may download product installation packages to your device, install and use, without taking any action to change the status of the Product.

8.2              All Data generated during You use of the Game is solely owned by VNG; accordingly, VNG has full rights to store, use and process these Data.

9.                  Compliance with Laws

9.1              You understand and agree that You will (i) fully comply with the laws where You access and use the Game or the laws of the country in which You are a national and (ii) are solely responsible for any consequences of Your failure to comply with any provision where You access, use the Game and warrant VNG will not be liable for any liability.

9.2              Where VNG receives any complaint, notice or request relating to Your failure to meet the above requirements and/or VNG has a reasonable basis to believe based on information that VNG has, VNG has the right to (i) discontinue providing Game services to You without prior notice or liability to You and/or (ii) block all access from countries where it is prohibited use Games.

10.              Governing Law

These Terms of Use are applied and explained in accordance with the laws of the Singapore on all issues, aspects related to the Terms of Use.

11.              Amendment of Terms of Use and Validity

11.1          These Terms of Use are effective from the date upload on The Online Game Homepage Website until there is a written replacement or cancellation and replacement for all previous Terms of Use related to Game.

11.2          You agree that VNG has the right to amend, supplement part or all of the provisions of these Terms of Use without Your prior consent is not required. In case You do not agree with the amended, supplemented points, you have the right to terminate the use of the Game before the amended and supplemented points take effect; in case You continue to use the Game, it will be understood that You have agreed with all such amended and supplemented points.

11.3          In case of a conflict between these Terms of Use and the ZingID Terms of Use and/or the Terms of Use of Linked Accounts, the provisions of these Terms of Use shall prevail.

11.4          If there is a conflict between these Terms of Use and the VNG Official Notices, the content of that Official Notice will prevail.

12.              Miscellaneous

12.1          One or a few terms of these Terms of Use declared by the Court to be invalid will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and those remaining terms are still binding You with VNG.

12.2          VNG's failure to exercise or delay performance of any right, or remedial action under this Terms of Use or the Game Rules, shall not considered as a waiver of any right, remedial action in These Terms of Use and the exercise of a part or all of a single right do not preclude the exercise of any other rights, powers or remedies set forth in these Terms of Use.